How To Find Great High Heels For Wider Feet

If you have wide feet, you already know how hard it can be to find quality high heels that fit comfortably.  Some questions we girls with wide feet tend to ask are: what are the best types of heels for non-pointy feet like ours?  What shoes will make my feet look smaller?  And just where does a woman find heels these days that aren’t apparently made for midgets?  

The best types of high heels for a wider foot tend to be those with thicker heels, as these are easier to balance in and give more support.  Platform pumps, classic styles, and even wedge sandals make for a good fit on a wider foot. 


Also, the low-tech solution is to try on high heels which are one or even two sizes above your standard shoe size, and you might be surprised to find how well they fit.  For instance, if you are a size 8 in a regular shoe, try on a size 9 or 10 high-heel. Any extra space at the back usually won’t show that much or can be hidden under jeans. Just make sure they fit snugly so you don’t trip.

If you want to make your foot appear smaller than it is, focus on high heels rather than flats, and shoes with rounded toes rather than wedge-shape or angular toes.  Darker colors, thinner materials and details that distract the eye, such as bows, buttons, buckles and laces, can also make a foot appear smaller. 

When looking for a variety of high heels, the best place to begin your search is online.  Websites for stores such as TorridBarefoot TessZappos, Just Wide Shoes, and Fantasia Wear are great places to find heels that will fit a wider foot.  There are so many styles, sizes and varieties online, you are sure to find a pair of high heels that will become your new favorite.  

Don’t let your feet stop you from enjoying the beauty and fashion of a pair of beautiful high heels.  Step right up… your new heels are waiting for you out there!

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