How to Find the Perfect Last Minute Birthday Gift for Your Child

Your child means the world to you, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t procrastinate sometimes or lose track of time. If his or her birthday is quickly approaching and you haven’t bought any birthday gifts yet, don’t worry. You can still find great birthday gifts for your little one, even in a time crunch.

Birthday gifts can be meaningful and inexpensive when you give your child a homemade gift certificate. This might be something you make that entitles your child to a gift on your next visit to the mall.


Birthday gifts are a great way to introduce your child to a new hobby, so if you haven’t bought a gift yet, let your child pick the gift. Tell them that your present to them will be a new hobby, take a walk down the high street and take them to a hobby store such as a photography shop, a pet store or even a gardening store. Let them pick a small item that interests them, then help them buy other items to get started on their new hobby.


Good ‘hobby’ choices are dependent on their interests, but good choices are: a miniature ant farm; an astronomy set with a pair of binoculars; a toy science set with a cheap microscope; a garden-in-a-box growing kit; a felt coloring set; or even a birdhouse and a month’s supply of birdseed.


Last minute birthday gifts don’t have to be bought from a shop. So many companies offer online child’s gifts with over night shipping, that you can buy birthday gifts of just about any kind from anywhere and you’ll receive them the next day.

Last minute birthday gifts can also be tasty. Treat your child and his or her best friend to a dinner at their favorite restaurant. When presented with a balloon and a piece of delicious birthday cake, he or she will be so happy!

Don’t let giving last minute birthday gifts stress you out. With a little imagination you can find a wonderful gift for your child that will inspire them for years to come.

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