How To Know What Your Wife Secretly Wants For Christmas

Your wife will tell you she loves and cherishes every gift you’ve ever given her…. and if you believe that, there’s no need to keep reading. For the rest of us, let’s give some thought as to what your wife really wants for Christmas this year. Women are not as complicated as one might think, and finding the perfect gift for your wife can be done without spending hours in the mall.


Let’s start with the basics – Shopping For Women 101, we might call it. For starters, no woman wants small kitchen appliances for Christmas.  Sure, it’s practical, but even the most expensive mini-toaster oven is impersonal and bland, bland bland!  Men love new shiny gadgets and think women love them too, but although we may appreciate the thought, we’d rather have something more personal.


This means not shopping for your wife at Kiss the Cook. She knows you love her meatballs, but if she needs a new Crockpot she’ll go out and buy one for herself. When it comes to her Christmas gift this year stop thinking about what she does for you and start thinking about what you can do for her.


To give you a big hint, woman want one of two things – a gift that shows how well you know her personal tastes and spare-time activities, or a gift which adds a little luxury to her day, something that she would never buy for herself.


Here’s an example for you of something she’d love.  Think about what the woman in your life does in her spare time (if she has any!)  Does she love taking an hour to enjoy peace and quiet in a hot bubble bath? If so, think spa getaway. Maybe she loves shopping – if so, give her a free pass for a day without you and the kids, and a gift card to her favorite clothing store. (Remember, just because your wife loves shopping doesn’t mean Christmas should mean a gift card to Victoria’s Secret; that’s for you!)


If your wife always has her nose in a book or magazine, get her a year’s subscription to her favorite magazine, or a gift card to your local bookstore.  If she’s been stressed out recently, you can be assured she’d love to get away… in which case, how about a weekend cruise or a 2-day stay in a hotel room at the beach for just the two of you?


If you really have no clue if she’d like any of the above, firstly, start paying attention to your woman, and secondly, here are some insider tips you can’t go wrong with.  If you’re truly stumped, it’s a cliché but most women (and men!) love chocolate.  Get her a gift basket of the best quality chocolates you can afford, and add a romantic touch by including a love-note (get a card and write a short love-note or poem in it – seal it in a red envelope. Go online and Google ‘classic love poems’ if you are not much of a wordsmith – but don’t try and pass off classic poetry as your own – you will be busted). 


If you like you can add some flowers to the gift basket.  A potted plant such as a mini-rose plant or an orchid is a nice modern alternative to flowers.  An alternative would be to slip a gift-card to her favorite clothing or jewelry store inside the card if you want her to think you’ve spent lots of money on her.


A final word of advice – don’t give gift cards to grocery stores to your wife for Christmas. Yes, she’s 100% guaranteed to use it, but it’s like saying “buy me dinner, woman!”  It’s even more unromantic than giving her a fistful of cash in an envelope.  Buy her something she’d secretly love but wouldn’t normally get for herself and you can’t go wrong.


Christmas doesn’t have to mean stressing about the perfect gift to give your wife. Think about what she likes and what makes her happy in her spare time, and you’ll have the key to buying her a perfect Christmas or birthday gift every time. Christmas is a time of giving, so give her something she’ll really love instead of something you’ll love!

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