How to Organize a Clothes Swapping Party for Your Friends

If you have tons of clothes but still find that you don’t have anything that you want to wear, you might be tempted to go shopping.  However, this can cause you to spend far more money at the clothes store than your budget allows and wind up with have an overcrowded closet.  A great option for an update in your wardrobe is to get together with some of your friends and host a clothes swapping party.


Let all of your friends know that you want to have a clothes swap and tell them to invite their other friends.  The more people who show up to your house, the better clothing choices you will have.  Tell your friends to go through their closet to find clothes, shoes and accessories that they don’t want to wear or have grown out of.  Make sure that the clothes are still in good condition, and set a few ground rules – nothing stained, torn or dirty.


Have your friends wash the clothing items, and put them on hangers.  This way, it will be easy for everyone to be able to see what is available.  Set up some tables in your house to hold the various clothes, and have tables for different types of clothes.  If there are many different sizes, you might want to organize the clothes according to size, as well. 


It is also a good idea to write down how many clothing items your friends are bringing to the party, and how many they leave with.  It is also a good idea to have a ‘minimum donation’ such as 10 items.  This will prevent everyone showing up with 3 items and trying to claim a whole bagful of stuff in return.  If this is too much hassle, supply everyone with grocery bags and trade by the bagful – for each bag of clothing they bring, they can take one similarly-sized bag home.


To keep the clothing quality high, you might want to set some additional rules.  If your friends are very fashion-conscious, you can make a rule that donating one ‘designer’ item or an unworn item with the price-tag still attached is worth 2-3 regular clothing items.


When your friends arrive for the party, have them set their clothes on the table and then take turns choosing clothing.  If there are any items left over that no one wants, you should consider giving them to charity such as the Salvation army, or your local thrift store. Have some food and drinks on hand to keep everyone’ s energy high, and make a fun party out of it!

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