How to Pick Business Clothes That Work For You

No matter what your chosen field is, there are always work clothes that are more appropriate for your job than others. When shopping for new work clothing at your local clothes store, keep in mind these tips if you want to be a hit rather than a miss in your workplace.

As you’re shopping and considering each item, stay on the conservative side. If you even have to question if something is appropriate or not when you’re shopping, it probably isn’t appropriate. You can show your personal style on weekends, but when shopping for work clothes, find classic versions of your personal style.

However, if you work in a creative field like graphic arts, you should be shopping for clothes that aren’t boring or even traditional. You’re judged by your creativity everyday if you work in a creative field, so you want to send the message that you’re innovative and fresh. Boring gray suits are better left for Wall Street – you need to be shopping for clothes that are colorful and more interesting in terms of patterns, textures and materials.

Also consider how many ways you can wear an article of clothing when you’re shopping. Ideally you’ll be able to mix and match separates to create several different outfits. You want your budget for work clothes to be able to stretch as far as it can, and by getting more than one look with each item, you’ll save money when you’re shopping.

If you work outdoors or at various sites away from the office, your work clothing can still be classic yet comfortable. You don’t want to use your job duties as an excuse to be a slob. Whether it’s fair or not, the better you dress, the more respect you’ll earn.


You want your work clothes to tell colleagues and customers that you were thoughtful in your clothes shopping and wardrobe planning – an attribute that most bosses will see as spilling over to your business dealings.

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