How to Pick Formal Attire For Your Children

In today’s world of catwalk fashion for children, there are endless styles of childrens clothes to keep your child in the latest trends.  Self-expression is key at any age, and there are many formal attire styles for children that will allow your little one to be unique at any occasion.


Simply put, formal attire for children offers the same wide variety of clothing as the adult styles on the market today.  So where do you get started choosing a great outfit?




For a wedding, a little girl can choose from a wide variety of adorable, high-style dresses.  From exclusive designer labels to less expensive options from the mall, there are full formal dresses for children that are widely available and ideal for a wedding.  Whether she’s in the wedding or simply in attendance, your little girl will look her best in a formal dress made of silk or satin with a full skirt.  Add a sparkly tiara to appeal to her ‘princess’ instincts and she’ll be happier about dressing up for the occasion.




Boys can find tuxedos and suits that are ideal for weddings and other formal gatherings in many places.  Most department stores and boutiques for children will carry a selection of formal attire for both boys and girls.  Boys can choose to wear a shirt and tie with dress pants or go all out with a full suit.  Like clothing for their dads, formal attire for boys comes with many accessories such as a tie, cuff-links, shiny shoes or even a bowler hat!


Birthdays and Dinners


Other formal occasions, like birthday parties or dinners, might require formal attire for your children.  Aside from dresses and suits, your children can wear other styles that are suitable for formal occasions.  Girls can choose pretty skirts with soft sweaters while boys can opt for khaki pants with a clean dress shirt.


Choose Bold Colors


Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright colors and patterns into formal attire for children.  Just because it’s formal does not mean creativity and design should not be compromised.

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