How To Pick Skis That Are the Right Length For Your Child

Shopping for children’s skis is different than shopping for adult’s skis, because skis manufactured for kids are all built a bit differently. The first question most parents have is about the proper length for their young skier. Because the exact recommendation will vary from brand to brand, your best bet is to ask the pros to help you choose the best size of children’s skis for your son or daughter. If you choose the wrong size, your child is not going to have the optimal skiing experience.

If you are buying secondhand children’s skis and don’t have the benefit of fitting assistance, the general rule of thumb is that skis for preschoolers should go up to their shoulders. Preschoolers do not need poles to ski on little hills, but helmets are a must. Children’s skis and boots are measured in the metric system, so when buying boots for the skis, make sure you measure your child’s foot in centimeters.

Elementary kids of average weight should have skis that go up to their chin or just above. For older kids, the right ski size can be determined according to their weight. For example, a 90 pound child will need children’s skis that are roughly 140 cm in length. This is a rough guide, so a professional should help you when at all possible. The proper length of children’s skis can depend upon many factors, including the child’s height, ability level, and the brand or type of ski. By allowing a pro to help you, your kids won’t complain about the skis being too long or all wrong for them.

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