How to Purchase the Correct Bed For Your Child

If you have a child, you’ll know that children grow so rapidly that it can come as a big surprise when they outgrow expensive items in a month. That applies to children’s furniture as well as shoes and clothes. So what do you do when your youngest child is ready for a real bed? Do you buy a bed that will fit her now, or invest in an adult-sized bed that will last longer, but that she may get lost in?

First of all, talk to your child about her bed. Is a pink bed going to be okay in a year when she’s grown out of her current obsession with pink? Would she like a ‘grown up’ bed, or another ‘baby’ bed? By giving her some input in this decision, she’ll most likely cherish the bed. She’ll also feel like she made a grown-up decision if she opts for the more practical option (the larger bed).

You also need to consider bedding size. A king bed seems ridiculous for an eight year old, but kids do grow. A twin bed might be too small in two years, especially if she has a lot of toys that she likes to cram in the bed with her each night, or frequently has sleepovers. IKEA is a good place to get decent quality, lower priced bedding, no matter what size bed you decide to go with. Don’t buy bedding at the mattress store, as it is likely to be overpriced.


Take measurements around your little girl’s room and make sure that the bed will fit. You may also want to visit the furniture store and pick out a small nightstand or dressing table for her to store her things in.

Now that you’ve talked to her about the bed, go online and start looking at your local mattress retailers. Check for sales, and look at ratings and reviews. Once you see the bed sales you want to take advantage of, print out all of the ads. Just like with any purchase, if you take them with you to the store, one retailer might lower the mattress price, based on another store’s advertisement.

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