How to Renegotiate Your Cellphone Contract and Pay Less

Yes, it is possible to renegotiate a cell phone contract!  It may seem difficult at first, but remember that ultimately the wireless company wants to keep your business and doesn’t want you to shop around for a competing offer. 

First familiarize yourself with basic wireless plans and features, like prepaid plans, family plans, local plans, nationwide plans, text messaging and Internet access. 

Next, determine exactly what you need in terms of features, services and long distance calls. If you are applying for a new wireless company contract, ask about special incentives for new customers. 


You may also be able to find third party websites that offer coupons and special promotions for wireless services.  It’s best to write down all the offers you receive so you can compare them.  Actually mentioning other companies’ offers may help you to secure a price match or price beating bid by the wireless company. 

If you want to find better terms for your current wireless provider, gather figures and information and then formulate a strategy.  Politely express any discontentment you have had with your current wireless company and mention the offers you’ve received from competing services.  It’s best to ask to talk to a manager because entry-level call center employees cannot make any major changes to your wireless account. 

The manager will strive to keep you with the same wireless company.  Do not express anger thinking it will help your case.  It is the manager’s decision about whether to help you out or not, and if you insult him, his company or his employees then he will not have any desire or obligation to help you out beyond the bare minimum.


In the end, calmness and a genuine desire to work things out will get you a better deal.  You may have to leave your current wireless provider to get the deal you want.  However, great savings on your wireless services is well worth the trouble.

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