How to Safely Cook Using a Pressure Cooker

If you are looking to cook great meals quickly or to store your favorite fruits and veggies via canning, then you likely know that a pressure cooker is the best solution.  Of course, pressure cookers also increase your risk of steam burns and scalding injuries.  Choosing a safe pressure cooker is key. Let’s look at what you need to know.

One thing that you will actually want to consider is price.  While you needn’t spend a fortune on the best brand out there, it is a safe assumption that bottom shelf, cheap pressure cookers are not going to be packed with safety features.  Take the time to really look at your options and to find a model that has the features you want to be safe. 


A safe pressure cooker should have release valves to prevent too much pressure as well as long handles to prevent scalds.  A feature that keeps the pressure cooker from operating unless the lid is locked is also extremely important if you have curious children in the household.

Another important feature to look for is a pressure indicator.  The best pressure cooker models will have an indicator that will pop up when the pressure is just right or when it is too high.  It will also pop up again when it is safe for you to open the lid.  Taking away this guesswork can go a long way towards preventing injuries, and finding a pressure cooker that has all of these safety features can help you reap all of the benefits of faster cooking and canning without the risks.

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