How to Save Money When Shopping at Department Stores

Most people think that department stores are overpriced and expensive.  However, you can do all your weekly shopping at these stores and actually save money!  There are a few things that you need to do if you’re interested in buying your favorite brands for less.


The first way in which these stores save you money is by providing you with access to their mailing list.  As a member of a department store mailing list, you will receive emails and physical mailings with special discounts, coupons and advanced notice of sales events.


Department stores also save you money through their own brand of credit card.  With a credit card from your favorite place, you can start saving money quickly as they will often offer ‘regulars’ special discount days with 10-20% off many items.  You don’t have to keep using the credit card though.  Let’s say you’re school shopping and you want to buy in bulk, you can still put your purchase on the card, save the percentage, then pay it off immediately after you leave.


Furthermore, department stores offer discounts via their magazines and catalogs.  Their coupons are even featured on certain days in your local newspaper.  There is no reason to pay full price when you can use a coupon for a certain percentage off of your purchase.


The sales at these stores are also phenomenal.  Early bird and night owl sales are held all throughout the year and usually around holidays.  You can earn big savings by shopping at odd hours.  When you bring coupons with you, you can earn even more savings on the items you are buying!

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