How to Throw a Party For Under $50 by Shopping at Your Local Dollar Store

Are you long overdue for a party but can’t afford a Hollywood style shindig?  No worries. You might be surprised to learn that you can shop at your local dollar store for most of the party supplies you need.  The general dollar or 99 Cent store (as in a true dollar store where everything is literally a dollar) offers everything from food, to desserts, to even candles and party favors.

There are a variety of supplies at your local dollar store, including special supplies for Christmas, birthdays and other seasonal celebrations.  You can buy $1 party hats in multiple colors, dollar store wall decorations, gift wrappings and big bows.  Most chain dollar stores such as the 99 Cent store change their decorations each season to stay up to date, so you can find Valentines Day supplies and cards, Easter baskets and chocolate eggs, Halloween supplies and costumes and Christmas decorations depending on which time of the year you choose to shop.

There are even dollar store supplies for baby showers, weddings and dining get-togethers.  If you want to create a fun party, free of all pretensions, then get silly.  Think about silly string, air horns, googly eyeball glasses, crazy straws, and plenty of balloons.     


What about delicious dollar store treats?  Everyone loves chips, sodas, tea, juice packets and of course, the old standby candy.  Who isn’t in a festive mood when there’s candy?  At a dollar store, you can find everything from animal cookies to crackers to caramel popcorn.  There are also confections, chocolates, gummy candies and fruity hard candies. 


Most food items are overstock from local stores, so you can find name brand chocolates, cookie and chips for a fraction of the price you’d pay at the store.  And don’t worry – nothing is damaged or past its sell-by date, as it is illegal to resell these items.  All food and confectionery are perfectly fresh, it is mainly purchased from stores who bought too much of a particular item that day or week.  Some stores even have a grocery section with fresh overstock produce!

Finally, there are party favors like cups, plates, silverware and table covers at your local dollar store.  Even if you want to go all out for entertainment or decorations, you can always count on a bargain for supplies at a local dollar store. 


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