iPod Touch Features More Than Just Music

The iPod has become a household name that is synonymous with music and entertainment.  Since the first iPod was released almost ten years ago, no other MP3 player has been able to live up to the incredible standards that the iPod represents.  Apple, Inc. has worked hard to introduce new and better software and designs each year, and the most recent music player to come from Apple, Inc. is the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is now available in two sizes: the original iPod Touch and the iPod Nano Touch.  The features on these media players go far beyond music and into many other forms of entertainment, including gaming and social networks.  Of course, music will always be the main feature on an iPod, and you will be able to get plenty of your music on every iPod device.  The iPod stores more music, movies, and other entertainment files than any other music player available, with current hard-drive sizes of up to 160 GB.

The iPod Touch now allows you to download media files directly from the Internet, rather than needing to first connect the iPod to your iTunes (on your computer).  As long as you have a 3G network connection, you can access the Internet for downloading music and movies, social networking, and even email.  In addition to a full color screen that allows you to watch movies in incredible color, clarity and resolution (you have to see this thing to believe it), the latest models also feature a tiny video camera that allows you to record your own movies.  No other music player offers these features, which proves that iPod is still the king of mobile music, and probably will be for a long time to come.

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