Is it Possible to Ethically Buy Real Leather Goods?

With more consumers making changes to their lives to allow for morally sound choices to be made in terms of what they buy and eat, there is an increased awareness in the reality of the materials commonly used in the clothing industry.  For many, the decision involves decreasing the carbon footprint left by the life they lead.  Often, the decision can involve living a vegan lifestyle, which means using or consuming no products that are animal by-products.  That includes diet, as well as any products used.


Leather goods haven long been the source of much controversy as consumers try to "live right."  The question of ethical leather has come up as people search for ways to maintain their style without promoting cruelty to animals. 


Can leather goods be purchased ethically though?  That is a question of much debate around the world.  Often, it is assumed that leather is simply the by-product of the meat industry and the animals hides would go to waste if not used for products.  The fact is, most of the leather used to produce shoes, handbags and other goods is not from the meat industry at all.


The question of where to buy ethical leather goods is difficult to answer.  The only true way to buy "leather" that is morally sound is to choose leather alternatives.  Many companies offer high-end products with the look and feel of leather that are wholly vegan.  This is a great way to feel good about the products you choose without dealing with the guilt of causing harm to animals or the environment. 


Leather goods may not be able to be purchased ethically, but it’s easy to find alternatives that look just as good.


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