Is Montel Williams’ Living Well HealthMaster Emulsifier Worth Your Time?

A slew of new kitchen and health products has recently hit the market for those seeking healthier living and easier food preparation.  The Montel Williams’ Living Well HealthMaster is a juicer, blender and emulsifier that is supposed to offer better health and easier food preparation for soup, fruits and vegetables, grating, emulsification and many other tasks.  How does the HealthMaster really stack up, though?


It certainly appears that the HealthMaster does not live up to the hype, in almost ‘real life’ tests anyway.  There are a myriad of consumer problems with this machine, as posted by reviewers on most websites that sell these devices.  The most common problem with the HealthMaster seems to be that the motor burns out somewhere between day one and six months of use, even under very light usage.


Other problems with the HealthMaster as reported by customers are leaking containers and rusting bottom plates.  Additional issues that have been reported with the HealthMaster include the fact that the container is not BPA-free, though the new VS version does have a BPA-free plastic container.


Overall, customers rate the HealthMaster with a score of two out of five possible stars, though that will likely drop to a single star as more bad reviews mount.  Customers have also reported significant problems in having warranty repairs made, in dealing with customer service or even in reaching customer service for their HealthMaster.


In the end, it seems that the HealthMaster is just one of those products that is better left on the shelf of the electronics store, as there are better emulsifiers on the market that do not suffer from such design flaws.

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