Is Sunscreen Safe for Young Children?

As a parent, your primary goal in life is to keep your kids safe and healthy.  Of course, this means protecting them in any way possible, including preventing damage from sun exposure. 


While many parents do this by repeatedly applying copious amounts of cheap sunscreen, the truth is that this might not always be the best choice.  Is sunscreen really safe for your kids, and if so, how much do you use?

When considering sunscreen, it is important to take the time to look at the various ingredients in the product that you are buying.  Many of the cheaper products on the market are tainted with chemicals that are known carcinogens or that can have toxic effects.  When you stop to consider that most of anything placed on our skin is absorbed into our blood, it becomes easy to see why this can be unhealthy in the long run. 


When purchasing sunscreen, it is imperative to choose a brand that is all-natural.  Check your nearby drugstore – good organic and natural sunscreen brands include Badger, Soleo, and TruKid.

In addition to using all natural sunscreen, you will also find that you can see great benefits by just changing your children’s sun habits.  Limiting their time in the sun can help greatly, as can ensuring that they are not out during peak hours.  Earlier and later in the day can be great times for kids to play in the sunshine without the same high risk of UV damage to the skin. 


While children’s bodies are much more resilient than ours, switching chemical laden sunscreen to an alternative and limiting sun exposure is always a great idea.

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