Job Hunt 101: How to Choose the Right Company For You

Whether you are looking for a career change or simply to find a better job in your current profession, the company you choose to work for is everything.  Finding a great job in today’s economy may seem impossible, but if you are skilled and qualified, it is certainly possible to advance to a better company when all around you people are being laid off.  Here are some tips to help you get ahead with choosing a new company.

One thing to think about when looking for a new job is the reputation of the company you are choosing.  Do they have a reputation for treating employees fairly?  Is the job turnaround rate very high?  How is the company viewed by the public?  Are there a lot of negative news stories, or is the company involved in a number of lawsuits?  While the constant search for employees may signify a growing company, it may also signify a place that people simply don’t want to stay in the long run. 


Do your research wisely, and utilize online job search sources such as Linked-In to find people who have worked at the company in the past, who wouldn’t mind giving you an honest opinion.  Make sure they no longer work at the company before you approach them, or you may not get an honest answer.

Instead of choosing a company for their pay scale, it is important to really consider their reputation.  Finding a company that has been in business for many years and that has a strong base of long term employees and happy clients or customers is key.  You can also run a general Google search for your new company name plus the word ‘Facebook’ (or other social network).  Your search will look through people’s Facebook wall posts or general blog entries.  If your search turns up a lot of rants about how badly run or underfunded the company is, it might be wise to steer well clear. 

Finding the right job is essential to long term career happiness.  When you work for a good company, job security, as well as job satisfaction, will likely go hand in hand. 

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