Local Debate: Should You Buy Used Electronics?

You need all types of electronics to make it through the average day, such as a TV, a computer, radio, DVD player and much, much more.  However, electronics are also very expensive, and the ones you buy today don’t last very long.  You can save money by buying used electronics, but is this a wise purchase?  Actually, it can be a great decision, so long as you apply some common sense to the situation.  So what should you know?

First, remember the golden rule – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you find someone on Craigslist selling a BluRay player for just twenty dollars, there’s something fishy going on – if it’s not broken it’s probably stolen. 


Next on the list of do’s and don’ts, you need to make sure that the electronics you are considering actually work properly.  Make sure that the seller will connect the device and let you play around with it to make sure that everything functions.  Be suspicious if you pick it up in person and they don’t let you test it, or have already boxed it up waiting for you and they become angry when you ask for a demonstration. An honest seller will always be willing to let you test the device before taking it home. Connect peripherals (mice, speakers, etc) to make sure that everything works properly.


A warning – always inspect the plug socket, cable and power pack for damage or signs of wear. If you see copper wire showing anywhere at all on the cable, don’t buy. The item might still work fine with an exposed wire, but a few more bends of the wire may break the connection. At best this will cause the device to stop working. At worst, the power-pack will overheat and explode, causing serious injury to you or causing a fire. If you simply have to have the item even though the cable is old, play it safe and buy a new power pack online. You can find replacement power packs and cables for most electronics online on Ebay – just search by the make and model number and look in the Accessories section.

Finally, when you are considering buying used electronics, it is important that you consider the condition of the equipment versus the price.  While the price might be very low, if the electronics are in very poor condition, it might not be a wise investment.  As you can see, buying used electronics can be a good way to get the equipment that you need for less, but you need to be careful when doing it.  A good buy will give you electronics in good shape that will stand the test of time, but buying the wrong used electronics will just be a waste of money… and could even put you at risk of a serious injury.

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