PC Shopping How to Pick the Right Router

Upgrading your computer system can be intimidating, especially when it comes to buying all the accessories and peripherals you need. Router shopping is something you most likely have to tackle soon after you buy your new computer in order to provide Internet connectivity.  Whether you simply use your computer for networking with friends and family or you have a home office that helps you pay the bills, picking the correct router is an important part of setting up your desktop or laptop.

The first thing to consider is your average internet usage. Do you check your email once a day and that’s it? Router shopping for a basic or casual user would involve looking at single-band routers.  However, for someone working from home 24/7 or using the Internet for more advanced purposes such as gaming, watching online movies or uploading/ downloading large files would find router shopping should be geared more towards dual band routers. 

There is also the consideration of wireless versus Ethernet connectivity.  Wireless might be best for someone with a laptop or users with several computers throughout the home.  It also allows your desk to be less cluttered and can be a more convenient option. 


Another important factor of router shopping is whether you have a PC or a Mac.  Router shopping can be very different depending on which type of computer you have, as some don’t work for both types.

You should also consider coverage areas or antennas.  Different routers might have internal or external antennas, each of which might provide different strengths of signals.  Most believe the external antennas deliver a stronger signal, so it might be good to stick with those. For more help, just be sure to comparison shop at your local electronics store

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