Perfect Gifts for a New Baby Brother

If you’ve had a new baby recently, your son may be startled to suddenly find himself in the role of Big Brother. While some boys may love this and rise to the challenge, others may resent it and feel forced into this new role.  In addition, the new baby will now be claiming all the attention that he is used to receiving for himself, so he may start feeling resentful toward the baby.  If you want to help your son adapt to his new role in life, here are some good gift ideas for him to make him feel just as special and important as the new baby.


A great gift idea for your son is a gift to him ‘from the baby’.  Find something that he has wanted for a long time and give it to him from his sibling.  You will find that this can help him warm up to the idea of being a big brother quite quickly.  After all, having a new brother means he gets one extra present for his birthday and for Christmas!

If he is proud of his little brother or sister and is telling everyone that he is now a big brother, consider having custom shirts made.  One can read big brother, while the other reads little brother or little sister (or ‘Mini-Me!’).  Include a funny photo of the pair with a silly or joke slogan and your son will wear his shirt with glee!


Another fun gift you can give your son to help him get used to the idea of not being an only child any more is a trip to the zoo or a low-key amusement park.  Tell him that the baby is seeing everything for the first time, and that you’d love it if he helped you introduce the baby to its first penguin or its first ride on the mini-train. If your son is the responsible type, you’ll find he’ll really enjoy this and will be excited to share in all these ‘firsts’.  Take photos and put the baby’s ‘album of firsts’ together afterward so he can show off his hard work to relatives.

Finding out how your son feels about the situation can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to easing the transition.  With the above tips in mind, we hope your son will adapt to the change and will start loving his role of ‘Big Brother’ in no time.

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