Popular Extended Car Warranty Services

Manufacturer and dealer car warranties last for a fixed duration only. However, if, as a car user, you decide to get extended car warranty, these last somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles and can last usually up to 10 years.

However, the cost that one has to incur for car extended warranties varies as per the model, make, and age of the car. The average price for the same can cost around $1,200. However, in some cases, the extended car warranty price can also go up to $2,000. This cost of car extended warranties can often be financed through an auto loan in case you find it difficult to pay the amount as a single premium.

Though this extended car warranty might look like a burden to you in the initial phase, it can eventually lead to saving of thousands of dollars in the long run. As the vehicle gets old, you will have to pay up a large amount for repairs, and in case, the car is covered through car extended warranties, your half worries on the repair cost are taken care of.

The car insurance, in general cases, covers only some of the fixed costs including accidental damage to the car and theft. In case, the vehicle needs repair, this cost is never covered by insurance. It is in such cases that car extended warranties come into play and help you take care of some pertinent facts that otherwise are never catered to.

Best extended car warranty services

If you are looking forward to availing best car extended warranties, the choice is limited to a few companies in the country. The best among the companies offering this service include Endurance, American Standard Auto Protection, and Autopom.


If, as a car owner, you choose Endurance for availing car extended warranties, you will end up getting up to five years of additional coverage beyond the car manufacturer warranty. This company not only offers its services across the country but also across Canada.

The company offers three different kinds of plans for those who choose to use its services for availing the extended car warranty services. While the least costly plan from Endurance covers components as an engine, drive axle, gasket and seals, it will not offer any coverage to air conditioning, brakes, and cooling system among a host of other components.

The other plan, Superior, covers every part which has been installed by the manufacturer. However, this does not cover any damage arising out of accidents, collisions, and other natural threats to the vehicle. The third plan in this car extended warranties covers the car from bumper to bumper and can be considered as the most comprehensive plan in their kitty.

This car extended warranties like any other similar plan from any other company come into play after a 30-day waiting period or 1000-mile waiting period. This has been done to ensure that the plan has not been taken due to any pre-existing condition of the car.

American Standard Auto Protection

When a mention of an extended car warranty is generally made, the name of American Standard Auto Protection is also considered. This company provides car extended warranties for a period of 6 years or 160,000 miles. This, in itself, makes it the highest in terms of providing extended car warranty in the country. This company also provides its services in Canada.

The company also offers three different plans to those who choose to avail its services. The total performance plan of this company is the most comprehensive and covers mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle. This includes engine, transmission, brakes, and heating and cooling system among others.

The mid-level extended car warranty plan from the American Standard Auto Protection gives coverage for the engine, cooling system, brakes, and few other parts. The least costly plan in this series provides coverage only for the engine, transmission, brakes, drive axle, and some minor parts.

The imminent benefit of availing the services of the American Standard Auto Protection is that the cost incurred for this extended car warranty plan can be spread over a time frame of 36 months.


If you chose the extended car warranty from Autopom, the services of the same can be availed for a period of five years. The nationwide coverage is offered by Autopom on cars which are up to 20 years old. The users can choose from among 5 different plans which cover the car from bumper to bumper and minor repairs only for the least costly plan.

Customer support is also available through phone and email and its website like the web portal of other two extended car warranty service providers also list the different questions that can come to mind of an avid user of these car warranty services.

You can check from these or other car service centers throughout the country for extended car warranty services.

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