Review: Does the EZ Egg Cracker and Separator Work as Advertised?

Finding faster, better, simpler ways to do things in the kitchen is important for many people.  One of the latest products to hit the home kitchen supplies market is the EZ Cracker, an egg cracker and separator tool.  The commercials make the EZ Cracker look like one of the greatest things in the world, but how does it stand up to use in a real kitchen?


First, you should be prepared for some drawbacks to the EZ Cracker.  This contraption is really only designed to work with very large eggs.  Smaller eggs wobble in the holder, and it can be difficult to even get a very small egg secured in the EZ Cracker.


Another drawback here is that the process is very messy.  Unless you have used the EZ Cracker many times and are an expert at using it, you will probably make a mess.  Generally, this means eggshell in the pan, egg on the counter – it really is just simpler to crack the egg on the side of the pan and use a traditional separator to keep the yolk out.


Another annoying and ridiculous drawback that people have found is that the yolk catcher is really not designed for yolks that come from large eggs, even though the EZ Cracker really only holds larger eggs.  The volume of yolk from these eggs is too much for the catcher, and generally spills out.


Most consumers who have used the EZ Cracker regret the purchase price, since it really does not live up to expectations. This might be one of those items best left alone.

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