Review: Does the NoNo Hair Removal System Really Work?
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Removing excess hair can be a time consuming and sometimes painful process.  If you want smooth, silky legs and underarms, wouldn’t you like a way to achieve the results you’re looking for, without fuss, pain or mess?  If you’re sick of shaving and you’re too broke to visit a waxing salon, you may find yourself turning to other hair removal products such as waxes and cremes, but to some, home electrolysis is the holy grail of hair removal.


NoNo is one such home electrolysis product.  It uses a technology called Thermicon, which heats and destroys the excess hair.  The makers of NoNo promise that it is painless as well.  NoNo sounds like a simple concept, but you might be wondering if the product will help with hair removal, or if it is all hype.


Unfortunately, the majority of the reviews for the product from customers who’ve actually used it claim that they are disappointed with the product.  While it is a painless way to remove hair, and it can cause less irritation than shaving, the NoNo also claims that it can reduce the amount of hair produced. This does not seem to be the case though, as customers claim that they still have as much hair as when they used razors to shave. 


Another downside cited by many of the customers using the NoNo is the smell.  Since the product uses heat to remove the hair, it creates an unpleasant smell of burned hair as it works, which may put some consumers off using it.


The NoNo also carries a high price tag, and you might find that it is too high of a price to pay for a product that works about as well as a razor blade.  If you can find the product at a lower price and still want to try it, be aware of the reviews, and proceed with caution.

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