Review: How Does the Bacon Genie Perform During Real Use?

Cooking bacon has always presented a problem.  The hot grease can splatter out of the pan, causing burns and staining clothing, not to mention the mess that it makes on your stove and counter-top.  In addition, knowing when bacon is "done" can be hard for some people, as well. 


The Bacon Genie is available online and from some grocery stores.  It promises to put an end to all of the hassle and problems by letting you cook bacon in the microwave. 


Does it really work, though?


While the concept of cooking bacon in the microwave is definitely sound, the Bacon Genie might not be the best product out there for your needs.  One of the most common complaints with the Bacon Genie is the quality of the plastic – it’s very thin.  This means that hot bacon grease can certainly melt the plastic if the microwave temperatures or wattage is set above the maximum recommended temperature – both the hangers and the catch tray can wind up melted if your microwave oven is too powerful.


Melting plastic causes two problems.  First, melted Bacon Genie bits stick to the bacon, ruining the meal itself.  Second, molten plastic and melted grease tend to flood the microwave, as the catch tray melts and floods the bottom of the microwave.  Consumers can be burned severely trying to clean up the resulting mess.  The Bacon Genie comes with a warning about the power setting, but this apparently does not work very well.


Another problem reported about the Bacon Genie is that the handle can be difficult to attach.  In short, cooking bacon with the Bacon Genie seems to be a very bad decision that can result in inconvenience, mess and even possible serious burns.  Long story short – think twice before buying the Bacon Genie.

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