Review: Space Bags Adding More Storage Space to Your Home

Looking to triple the available storage space in your home or apartment?  You may have already heard about the products called Space Bags, but if not, you’ll want to learn more.


The Use of Space Bags


Before you go thinking that Space Bags are some sort of high-tech gear meant for travel, you need to know that they are actually a surprisingly simple and effective method to conquer a large number of storage problems.


So what are they?  The simplest way to describe Space Bags is to envision a giant plastic bag with a Zip-loc at the top and either a round gasket or valve near the bottom.  This bag can be filled with soft items for storage and then the air is removed through the gasket.  This “deflates” the items and allows them to be compressed by roughly three times less than their normal size!


Consumers who use the bags admit that they continually purchase additional sets of Space Bags because they are constantly finding new ways to use them in their home, workshop, office, and other areas.


Extra Space on Tap


Do these bags really save as much space as they claim?  When consumers post feedback or comments about Space Bags, they always note that they purchased them to help with storage issues, and most go on to admit that they were shocked at how much space the bags provided.  This is because they really do shrink things by approximately three times their original size.


Here’s an example of how it would work.  Let’s say that you don’t have enough storage for your linens and extra bedding.  You don’t use one of your comforters and two of the pillows.  This short list of items, however, seems to take up more than three-quarters of the storage space in the linen cupboard.  If you used two Space Bags for these items, you would realistically reclaim more than half the room that they consume.


Other Benefits


Remember too that the bags are made from plastic that is strong and impervious to most damage.  This ensures that the garments, linens, and other objects remain free of water, mold, insects, moth damage, odor absorption and so much more.


They function very simply.  The larger bags require a standard household vacuum cleaner to suck out the air through the valve.  The travel and enhanced versions rely on a gasket built into the bottom of the bag and this is activated when the bag is rolled up.  This makes the air travel out of the bottom of the bag and creates a powerful vacuum inside that shrinks the items.


Consumers around the world seem to gobble up Space Bags because they are so reliable and effective.  They are good for making storage space more organized and efficient, but they are also put to use when people are packing for a lengthy trip too.  They keep items safe from damage and harm when in transit, and can be relied on for many years of storage without constantly removing any air or repairing leaks in the seals.


You can buy Space Bags through their website online, or in select home improvement outlets and home furnishing stores.


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