Review: the RotoShave Electric Razor

For us men, Man-Grooming takes time, and we are always looking for a faster and better way to shave. For those of us sick of scraping away at our faces with disposable razors that go blunt on the second use, there is hope on the horizon in the form of the electric razor.  But are these really as great as the advertising claims they are?


The RotoShave is one of those products.  It features a technology that is supposed to shave your face faster and smoother.  It features nine rotating blades, a curved head, special windings to eliminate irritation while shaving, and even comes with a grooming kit and a DVD to show you how to use the RotoShave properly.  It is small, making it good for travel, and you can use it in the shower with no trouble or trailing wires.


With all of the benefits of the RotoShave, it might seem like this is the perfect product.  What do real customers have to say about it though?  Most of the men who have used the product truly do seem to like it.  They are pleased with the closeness of the shave and the ease of use that the RotoShave offers.


However, there is a chance that some of the advertisements have gone a little too far.  Some customers have complained that it doesn’t work as well as they thought it was going to, based on the ads they saw.  Many of them go on to say it isn’t much different from a normal electric razor.  Others had defective units that wouldn’t turn on properly. 


However, the majority of users enjoy the RotoShave, mostly because they do not like using plastic disposable razors and find an electric razor such as the RotoShave far superior.


If you are tired of using disposables and you want to move up to an electric, the RotoShave, which is cheaper than many of the high end models, might be a good way to start. You can pick one up online or at your nearest electronics store or drugstore.

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