Review: the Teeter Hang Up Does it Work to Fix Your Bad Back?

There are no “miracle cures” in the world, but the Teeter Hang Up devices demonstrate that there are options other than attending a pricy Chiropractor or Acupuncturist that can make you feel as if you have been miraculously cured of back pain.


Let’s open this brief discussion of the Teeter Hang Up devices by explaining that they are the only consumer inversion devices certified to medical standards.  This means that they really can be counted on to almost instantly address a long list of medical complaints, conditions and concerns.


Uses of the Teeter Hang Up


First, let’s consider what an inversion device actually is.  This is something that is designed to suspend someone by their feet and lower legs in order to allow any and all pressures on their spine to be alleviated or eliminated.  Simultaneously, any inversion will also end pressures on the joints as well, and this too can often bring chronic discomfort to an end.


By doing this, the individual will begin to enjoy a wide range of improvements to chronic or constant conditions.  Because the Teeter Hang Up is the only option that has received approval at medical levels, it is best to turn to it for the relief of medically related pain.


The Success Rate


Naturally, the approval of the Underwriter’s Laboratory does not mean that the devices are guaranteed to work.  Only consumer feedback and professional comments can let us know if they are a success.  Generally, consumers have been saying that their Teeter Hang Up devices successfully alleviated nerve pressure in the back, helped to realign their spins, relaxed muscles, began to improve joint function, and even helped to rehydrate disks.


Interestingly enough, the devices also did more than just reduce or end back pain.  They also helped people to improve their muscular conditioning workouts too.


Workouts and the Teeter


How can a medically oriented device help with core conditioning?  Many fitness experts and doctors agree that the stretching and the abdominal exercises possible through an inversion device such as the Teeter can really help someone to bump up their fitness routines to a whole new level.


Additionally, when you are suspended while stretching and using muscles it helps to force fluid into joints and tissue in a way normally impossible to achieve.  When joints are heavily lubricated in this way they tend to move more efficiently and effectively, and this means that chances for injury during times of physical activity can be greatly reduced.


The Consumer Response


Though it may sound like the many benefits of a Teeter Hang Up are being exaggerated or highlighted here, the reality is that they are devices well-suited to an impressive range of consumers.  Entire families will benefit from the many ways that these can be used, and people with limited mobility or those involved in intense physical training tend to agree that the inversion treatments they receive from a Teeter have greatly improved their health and fitness levels.


Inversion on a Teeter is not just for back pain, but it is something that can provide a huge amount of pain relief.


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