Review: Why the New Jambox Wireless Speakers are the Must Have Tech Gift

Are you looking for the best tech gift to give the techno-freak in your life this year?  You may need to look no farther at the electronics store than the new selection of Jambox wireless speakers.  


Jambox is produced by the same company that brought you the Jawbone Bluetooth headset that so swept the world a few years ago.  The new Jambox speakers contain a lot of that technology.  This black brick is actually a stereo speaker and speakerphone. 


The Jambox is designed to work with almost anything, from your iPhone to your PC, to your iPad to your Blackberry phone.


The Jambox wireless speaker is about the size of your palm, and weighs in at a miniscule twelve ounces.  The casing contains a single brick speaker, and the case is rubberized for looks and staying power.  The volume buttons are located on the outside of the case, as is a talk button and a jack for plugging in a device if you do not have Bluetooth capabilities.


The Jambox has a thirty-three foot range when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, which is about right for the average home.  However, the built-in microphone only works with Bluetooth for making calls – you cannot connect via the jack to use the speakerphone function.


All in all, the Jambox is an aesthetically pleasing device with rich sound.  It is also a convenient way to bring your devices together without having to connect everything to your PC.

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