Selecting Ski Clothing for Men This Winter

When getting ready for a great ski vacation or even just a single day out on the mountain, you have to have the right ski clothing.  Extreme temperatures can cause major problems for even the most rugged man, and protecting your body if you take a tumble is essential.  Here are some tips to help you select the best ski clothing this winter.

When it comes to the inner layers, staying warm and dry is your top priority.  These layers will determine how your body’s sweat affects you the entire time you are on the slopes.  This means that you need to choose winter ski clothing that is made of synthetic materials when buying thermal underwear.  It will pull the sweat away from your body, but more importantly, it will keep it away so that you stay dry.  Cotton is the worst choice – once it gets wet with your sweat, it will stay wet all day.  And even on the coldest days, if you’re skiing, you will be sweating – a lot.

Another consideration for ski clothing for men is the pants you choose.  Avoid unisex clothing, which is designed to accommodate two very different body shapes.  A quality pair of men’s ski pants from a trusted brand will offer the best fit and safety.  Choose a top brand for your ski jacket as well, and it will last a long time while still keeping you warm. Choosing the right ski clothing also means choosing good accessories, and you will find that waterproof gloves and quality goggles can go a long way. 


When you want to stay warm and dry on the slopes this winter, it all begins with the right ski clothing.  With these tips, it can be easy for men to find the perfect inner and outerwear this winter.

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