Sell Your Used Phone – Do Your Wallet A Favor

More storage, better cameras, faster Internet speeds, and smaller chipsets are the demand of the day. A smartphone with two cameras just doesn’t cut it anymore – so Samsung’s gone and released one with 4 cameras. All the better to take selfies with, right? 128GB storage is the norm as is an Octa-core processor. So, what does one do in the face of fast-changing mobile phone technology? Upgrade with it seems to be the most obvious answer but with great tech comes a deeper hole in the pocket.

We expect so much out of our cell phones and meeting these expectations keeps cell phone companies on their toes. If Reddit threads and Twitter rants are anything to go by, there is always a pain point with every phone and flagship out there. These “problems” get plugged with the next flagship, and new problems rear their head. So, the question that is begging to be asked is, how can you keep buying the latest phones and still not feel the pinch. As always, the answer is the most obvious or in this case the most budget-friendly one. Sell. And our recommendation is, sell it to! Go on, check it out.

Why you should sell?

A survey by Counterpoint Research found that smartphone users replace their phones for ones with newer technology every 21 months, often leaving the ‘old’ ones in the bottom of a drawer or a landfill (tsk tsk). If you aren’t one of those who hoards your old phones, you could sell it and save a pretty penny on that spanking new iPhone you’ve been eyeing.

You always have the option of selling your phone directly to a potential buyer. Selling it to a friend is a great idea until the friend decides he need not pay you in full or immediately. In that case, using a site such as  and is one of the smarter things to do. With such vendor sites, all you would need to do is enter your phone details such as its physical condition, valid bill, and accessories’ details on their website. After agreeing on a price, the vendors will arrange for a pickup, confirm the authenticity of your phone and transfer the amount directly to your bank. Easy peasy!

These sites host a wide range of used phones and you can rest assured that there’s no funny business. Way better than listing on Craigslist! To motivate you to sell your used phones, sites like these even offer store credit and additional bonuses. Some vendors have kiosks at shopping malls where you can drop your used phones and earn a quick buck. There are also brand-specific websites such as that of Apple and Samsung that accept used cell phones. The used phones that you choose to sell are ultimately refurbished and sold at a diminished cost allowing those less fortunate than you to experience the richness of technology at a price that wouldn’t hurt as much. One such website that exclusively accepts iPhones is

Getting it ready for sale

Selling a used phone need not be a complicated exercise and it isn’t. If you’re looking for the absolute best deal here’re some simple tips.

  • Time is money. Smartphones age fast and most phones depreciate in value in just a couple of months. So, make sure to put your old phone on sale as soon as you plan to buy a new one.
  • Include all accessories such as earphones, charger, and even phone cover. This will help you quote a better price.
  • A bill or purchase of the phone will up the ante and grant authenticity to your intent.


It is also imperative to backup your email accounts and data such as photos, documents, and music before you put your phone up for sale. eg. requires that customers do a factory reset on their used phone before shipping it to them. Smart move.

Just to be safe, clone your backup data on a separate device.

Before you put it up for sale, check the price being offered by different websites and the going price for a used phone such as yours. Doesn’t hurt to be thorough.

Feeling generous?

If you’re feeling particularly Karmic you can give back to society and the environment by either donating your phone or giving it up for recycling. Check your local charities or the retail store you intend to buy your new phone from for more details.

Avoid throwing your phones away because they will simply end up at a landfill and pollute the environment when burned with other rubbish. Recycling it allows you to do your bit for the environment as the copper, gold, and silver salvaged from used phones conserves these precious materials and cuts down on the emissions that follow when sourcing these virgin materials.


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