Shopping Foods and Toys for Children Under Age Ten
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As parents, it is easy to slip into bad food-and-toy shopping habits for children under the age of ten.  Many companies distribute foods that are easily prepared but lack nutrition, or toys that are cheap but have no developmental attributes to build strength and intelligence in children.  When shopping, you can find foods in your grocery store that do not include harmful additives and preservatives.  You can also find games and activities when toy shopping for your children that will inspire creativity and learning.

Keep in mind that many of the most popular foods for children contain artificial coloring and sweeteners.  These additives can cause children to feel lethargic and run down.  Food colorings such as Red (E120) can trigger hyperactivity. Shopping for healthy, natural, and even organic foods is best for your children.  You may find that shopping takes more time and is more expensive at first, but when you notice the changes in your children, you will find the added time and expense to be worth it.  Shopping will also become much easier over time, after you have had practice.

When shopping for toys, always try to find musical, artistic, or problems solving activities. Kids under ten are already developing into the adult they will someday be, and it is important to remember this when shopping for gifts.  You can select building materials, paints, musical instruments, or puzzles that really make your children think.  Shopping has become much easier with online stores, too, but you may wish to take your kids along to try everything out.  Just don’t cut corners when shopping, and you and your children will be happier in the long run.

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