Shopping Guide for Men How to Save Money By Shopping Alone

While studies have shown that women spend the same amount in clothing stores whether or not they are with friends, the same does not seem to be true for men.  In general, people are social animals who, consciously or not, care what others think about their financial status.  This appears to be even more the case when it comes to men.


When men shop with others, same sex or not, they will often purchase items that they wouldn’t buy if they were alone.  Attractive saleswomen can also lure men into spending more.  For instance, marketing tests have proven that saleswomen who touch men lightly on the arm just once are more likely to sell a product than those who keep their distance.


In a marketing study carried out by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, it was demonstrated that men are more likely to make purchases when with a friend.  Based on observation of 1,230 customers, studies showed that men spent 56% more on apparel and accessories when in the company of others, while women spent 4% less.


What does this mean?  Researchers suggest that men are more apt to focus on themselves by striving for monetary power and differentiation from the group.  Women appear to strive more towards harmony and cooperation.


No matter what the reasons for the outcome of such studies, if men are on a budget that they don’t wish to exceed, it will literally pay off to shop alone.  It might also benefit men to keep these studies in mind, and work towards not giving in to the subconscious temptation of spending more when around other people.

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