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Most children today really love cartoons. The great part about cartoons is that they make birthday and Christmas shopping easy. Just find out your child’s favorite character, and find shopping ideas based on that. Here are a few cartoon based shopping ideas that you might use for gifts for the child in your life.


Most licensed cartoons these days seem to have their own clothing line. You can get everything from T-shirts to underwear to socks for particular cartoon characters. Kids love clothes like this, and all you need before shopping is the child’s size and favorite cartoon character!


Shopping for cartoon character toys is also easy. If the cartoon character is mainstream, such as a Disney toy, that character probably has dolls, toys, and even play sets that are centered on it. This makes shopping really easy, and it’s super simple to pick up these much loved toys for your kids. When shopping, look for toys that come in sets that you can add on to. For the next few months, you’ll have an automatic go-to gift when shopping for that child.


Cartoon characters can sometimes bring out the imaginative side of your children. One good option is to go shopping for art sets and craft sets with the child’s favorite cartoon character printed on them (you can even buy the character as a sticker, then add it to whatever present you buy). You can get coloring books, sticker books, ornament decorating kits, and even DIY clothing kits that are about a particular cartoon. All these things can be fun ways to show even your littlest one that you care enough to know what they like when you’re shopping for them.

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