Shopping Tips for Special Needs Children

Shopping for special needs children can be challenging. Here are a few tips when shopping for clothes and toys as the days draw in toward Christmas.


First up, clothing. If the child cannot dress themselves, simple outfits that are easy for caregivers to put on are best. For children who can’t do up buttons or zippers, elastic waists and tee shirts are the best option. Shopping for dressier outfits can be a bit tough. For girls, pull on dresses can be a good option. Boys can often wear button up shirts if there is someone to do the buttons for them.


Keep in mind when shopping for children with special needs that some severely disabled children may need to use diapers throughout the day. Look for pants and skirts that go off and on easily when shopping for these children. Also, you may need to get pants that are a little bigger than necessary because of the extra bulk of the pad or diaper.


When shopping for toys for children with disabilities, make sure that the children can manipulate the toys enough to work them correctly. Always choose toys that will challenge them and help them learn new things. Also, toys that can teach children about manners are a good idea, as these children may need a little extra help with learning how to interact socially.

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