Should Kindle Users Upgrade to Kindle 2?

When comparing eReaders, many people compare different models, such as the Kindle from Amazon and the Nook from Barnes and Noble booksellers.  But what about Amazon fans who love their device and are wondering if they should spend the money required to upgrade?  Should people who already have a Kindle upgrade to the Kindle 2?

Upgrades – and Downgrades 

When first comparing the two devices, they look very similar.  They both have the same finish and screen size, though the keyboards differ.  Taking a closer look at the cases shows two seeming downgrades.  While the original Kindle offers a changeable battery, the second model does not.  The Kindle 2 also offers more built in memory than the original – at a cost.  Users will notice that unlike the original, the Kindle 2 does not offer the option of inserting an SD memory card for added storage.


Navigation and Functionality


The Kindle 2 does offer easier and faster navigation than the original Kindle, as well as smaller keys and a slimmer design.  The 2 has easier volume controls, a much better resolution, and more colors.  Text to speech functionality is also featured on the second model, which can be helpful for some users. 

Ultimately, it comes down to whether these upgrades are worth the extra price and the loss of memory and battery changeability.  For some users, the Kindle 2 is head and shoulders above the original, but for many, the original is sufficient, or perhaps even better due to the ability to add more storage as needed.

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