Smart Shopping Suggestions for Buying Your New Computer

When you’re computer shopping, it is important to do your research. Before you go to the store, go online. It’s full of reviews for different brands, and can be very helpful.

When you start computer shopping in the store, sales people will almost always suggest that you purchase an extended service plan for your new device. These plans can be very helpful, just in case something happens down the line, but they can also be very expensive. It’s recommended that you don’t spend more than ten percent of what your computer cost.

Another extra to go along with your new computer will be software. You’ll need anti-virus protection for those pesky email viruses, and you’ll also need word processing software, like Microsoft Office. Expect to spend extra money for other accessories like cords and a wireless mouse.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sales people help people who are computer shopping all the time, so no question is a stupid question.

Last, computer shopping does not end when you leave the store. Ask the store if they offer at-home installation and troubleshooting services. And make sure that you save all of the documents you have accrued, such as your warranty papers and your user manual.

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