The Best Christmas Prank Gifts for Kids

If you’re looking for a great way to add some fun to your Christmas celebration without spending too much money at the toy store or joke shop, then giving your children a gag gifts each can be an excellent way to make them laugh. 

Gag Gift 1: 100% Natural Bubble Bath

You’ll need a jar and some dried beans, as well as a tag for this gift.  Fill the jar with the beans and on the card, write: “Cook beans.  Ingest one hour before bath.”  You can also label this gag gift with “100% Natural Bubble Bath” on the outside of the tag.  Don’t give this one to Dad or he might just take this joke to heart!


Gag Gift 2: Bellybutton Brush

Another great gift idea for a laugh is to give your kids a bellybutton brush.  You will need a pipe cleaner, as well as a long bead, a bit of cardstock and a small piece of wood.  Cut the pipe cleaner into sections of three inches each.  Push one end into the bead and roll the rest into a circle (it should look like a toilet brush).


Gag Gift 3: Redneck Earrings

This is a very simple gag gift that only requires two earring hooks and two pine car air fresheners – the type that hang from the rearview mirror.  Attach the fresheners to the earring hooks and watch as the recipient’s face lights up with laughter.


Lightening up the mood on Christmas morning with gag gifts will make for a happier holiday, and silly gifts to remember.  You might even start a new tradition for your family to compete each Christmas and see who can come up with the most inventive gag gift!

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