The Best Designer Shoes for Sharp Dressed Men

Are you looking to help the man in your life find the perfect pair of designer dress shoes?  Are you wondering which styles and brands are most popular?  No need to spend hours in the shoe store or department store looking through hundreds of pairs of shoes for the right ones. Here are the top shoes for men with a taste for the elegant and sophisticated.

JP Tod’s makes some incredible dress shoes for men.  They have a variety of styles, from loafers to boots, and since they are made from Italian leather, they are certain to last and to look incredible in the process.

Gucci also makes some fabulous dress shoes, ranging from solid black to brown, and even some pretty attractive prints.  Gucci has been a leader in designer fashion for decades, and their men’s dress shoes are popular for a reason.

If you are looking for designer dress shoes that offer a unique style that will put you on fashion’s cutting edge, consider Cesare Paciotti.  These shoes are fairly inexpensive for designer shoes at only around four hundred dollars a pair, and they are certainly incredibly fashionable.


When shopping for designer dress shoes, fit is everything.  Italian leather shoes are amazing to feel and wear, but every company has different sizing and different fits.  Buying online can be done, but be willing to exchange once or even twice if the fit isn’t right. At designer prices, you need shoes that feel great and that you want to wear, and while the right look is important, the right fit is just as crucial to happiness and comfort.

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