The Best Male Celebrity Cologne Lines Released This Year

While celebrity fragrance lines were once popular only for women, in the past few years, many men have gotten into the game.  Of course, not all celebrity colognes are popular.  Here are the most successful male cologne lines by celebrities.

By far one of the most successful celebrity cologne lines has been ‘Usher’ by Usher Raymond.  The R&B star has created a fragrance and packaging that is reminiscent of his music; smooth and sexy.  It is one of the best selling celebrity fragrances.

‘Driven’ by Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees has also done surprisingly well.  Athletes aren’t known for their fantastic smell, yet sports fans and non fans alike have been driven to this fragrance.

‘Antonio,’ by actor Antonio Banderas has been another hugely successful celebrity cologne line.  This line has been on the market for a few years now, and is actually among the best selling celeb fragrance lines of all time.

Surprisingly, ‘Donald Trump: The Fragrance’ has been a big seller.  While Donald may be well known as a shrewd business man, few people believed that a fragrance line from the hotel mogul/ investor/ reality TV host would ever catch on.  Like most things Donald invests in, however, it has turned out to be quite a success.


Not every celebrity is destined for success as a cologne spokesperson.  Luckily for the celebrities on this list, great advertising and a great product have made their lines a hit.  All these fragrances are available at your local department store.

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