The Best Selling Female Celebrity Perfume

Taking a trip to your local department store’s fragrance section will make you feel like everyone who has ever been a celebrity must have been given a fragrance deal.  Celebrity fragrances are everywhere, and some are certainly better than others.  Here are some celebrity perfume lines that are the most successful.

By far one of the most successful celebrity fragrance lines comes from Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo.  With ‘Glow,’ ‘Live,’ and a few others, Lopez has created scents that are actually incredibly appealing, and the line has been near the top for years.

Celine Dion has also seen success with her ‘Sensational’ perfume line.  Long known as a leading music celebrity, her entry into the world of fragrance has been an incredibly successful one for her.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Lovely’ line has been quite popular, as well.  Best known as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, her perfume is loved by fans and strangers alike, and has a great scent that women adore.

Last is Britney Spears.  She has produced a number of different fragrances with amazing success.  Perhaps this is why her finances didn’t suffer even when she stopped making music.  These scents are huge sellers and are incredibly popular in gift sets every holiday season.

No matter what you think of the celebrities on this list, there is no denying that when it comes to selling perfume, they have struck gold.  

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