The Best Steakhouse Restaurant in New York City

Are you visiting New York City on vacation, and are looking to enjoy the best steak available? Here are a few of the very best steakhouses in NYC.

If you are in the theater district, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle is a must-try.  Frequently voted the best steakhouse in the city, this place has incredible menu options.  The average entrée is around $40, and the minute you try their steaks, you’ll understand how they got their reputation. 

The Strip House in the West Village is another great option.  The restaurant has a very hedonistic atmosphere, and everything from the décor to the aroma is designed to provide a heady sensory experience.  Averaging $45 per entrée, you will be hard pressed to find a better steakhouse in the Village.

Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn is certainly a great choice, as well.  With over 100 years in the steak business, this restaurant is always on top of their game.  They have great appetizers and wonderful desserts that have to be tried to be believed.

Whenever you need to find a great steakhouse in New York City, these options are a great start.  There really are a number of steakhouse choices in the area, but these three are all but impossible to beat whenever you want the best meat, the best atmosphere, and the best overall dining experience.

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