The Great Frying Pan Debate: Teflon Verses Stainless Steel

If you love to cook, you’ll doubtless use your frying pan a lot. But which is the better and more durable cookware option – Teflon or stainless steel?.  

Let’s start with Teflon.  Teflon adds a great deal of convenience to cooking, because eggs and other commonly cooked ‘frying pan foods’ do not stick to the surface.  This also takes away the need to add oil and butter to prevent burning, producing healthier meals.  The downside, however, is that Teflon does not resist scratches and dents well and that when heated beyond medium high it can release metal-based toxins that are dangerous to pets and humans alike.

When it comes to stainless steel, steel’s durability is beyond compare.  The metal can really take a beating, and you will find that the metals don’t react with acidic foods and change the flavor as Teflon sometimes does.  The cons of cooking with stainless steel are the fact that foods stick very easily, so you’ll need to add oil or butter to prevent turning your food black!  You will also find that stainless steel pots do not heat evenly unless an alloy is added to the bottom of the pan.

Both types of cookware have their pros and cons, which you’ll want to consider next time you’re making a purchase at the kitchen store.  Cooking with stainless steel can be made easier by preheating the pan before you begin any preparations, while cooking with Teflon can be made easier by being extremely careful not to use high heats.


Discovering which option is best for you is often a matter of cooking style, and you will find that with these facts in mind, making a decision can be easy.

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