The Inside Scoop on Escort Services: What to Expect

These days, you can hire someone to do just about anything.  You can hire a musician, a plumber, a sous chef or even a tiger trainer for the evening, should you require one.  Seen from that perspective, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with hiring a companion for a night of good, clean fun.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to draw the line or has strictly honorable intentions, and it is those individuals that make legal explanations necessary. 


Before you consider hiring a companion for a special event, you should understand the distinctions used in the escort agency industry.


Activities Permissible With an Escort


In many cities throughout America, it is perfectly legal to contract with escort services for the benefit of having a good looking, charming companion for the evening.  The activities you may engage in with your hired escort are clearly defined and must always remain decidedly innocent in nature, though some escort services may go so far as to allow a massage.  So long as the activities remain of a non-sexual nature, these escort services are allowed to remain in business.


Different Types of Agency


However, there are some states where the activities of escort services are strictly limited, and touching of any kind is not allowed.  It is a wise idea to thoroughly examine your state’s individual laws regarding hired companionship before you attempt to offer your services to an agency, or purchase those of someone else. 


Remember that some agencies will take a much stricter approach to the business, while others, especially those with active entertainment districts, will probably be much more agreeable to even the loosest interpretation of an escort service. 


Legal Definition of an Escort


In the case of the less strict agencies, most escort agencies require you to sign a waiver stating that any sexual contact between yourself and the agency will be mutually consensual – and not paid for.  This is to prevent the agency from breaking the law that bans prostitution.  If the escort informs you in person that they are willing to provide such services, there will always be an additional (and sometimes much higher) fee for this that is payable to the escort only, not to the agency. This protects the agency from legal trouble.


Legal Implications of ‘Crossing the Line’


However, the fact that some escorts do provide more intimate services does not mean that they all do, and in fact, this may be limited to a very small percentage of escorts at any given agency.  A client who presses unwanted sexual advances on an escort despite being told that he or she does not provide them, will find themselves in the same legal and personal deep water as a man or woman who tries to ‘go too far’ on a regular, non-paid date. 


In such a case, the client can and will end up behind bars much quicker than in the case of regular sexual harassment or rape cases, as escort agencies are extremely well informed and legally connected to deal with such issues.


Falling in Love with an Escort


It does happen.  But the dating of a working escort is greatly discouraged, and you may find yourself facing serious legal troubles if you are found to be dating a man or woman you previously hired through the agency – even if the dating is unpaid and mutually agreed on.  In such cases, the agency may insist upon a buyout payment from you to allow you to legally date their escort.  Should you ignore the agencie’s wishes, the escort can and will be fired.


It’s good to know the law before you visit a new place so that you don’t find yourself in serious legal trouble, even if you only intended to have a beautiful and charming date for the evening.


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