The Top Books for Potty Training

Teaching your little one to use the toilet can seem like a full time job.  Some kids simply don’t want to use the potty, while others have a hard time recognizing their body’s signals that it is time to go.  Here are a few great books for parents struggling with potty training. You can get all of these at your local bookstore, or online at

Potty Training for Dummies by Diane Stafford and Jennifer Shoquist is an excellent choice.  With ample explanations, a plethora of practical tips and advice, and much more, this is certainly a must read for every parent.

Keys to Toilet Training by Meg Zwieback is another excellent options.  This book, which is written by a registered nurse, offers step by step advice and instructions to help any parent win the battle with potty training a child.

If you are looking for a book that the whole family can enjoy together, you may wish to consider My Potty Activity Book + 45 Toilet Training Tips by Tracy Foote.  This book offers coloring, stickers, and more, as well as a handy advice guide for parents.  There is a progress chart inside that parents and kids can use together to monitor the progress of potty training, and even a reward certificate that you can give your child when you achieve potty training success.

Last but not least is Stress Free Potty Training by Peter Savinoha, Ph.D.  This book offers the benefit of a doctor’s wisdom as well as a commonsense approach to toilet training.  You can learn how to know when you should start and what to do to keep from pressuring your child. 

Potty training can be stressful, but these books can make the process much easier.

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