The Top Street Food in Los Angeles

When you visit Los Angeles, California, there is much that you will want to see and do in order to say that you had the quintessential LA experience.  In addition to checking out Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, you absolutely have to try the city’s street food.  It is a Los Angeles travel must. Finding the best street food is often a matter of luck, however, as many of the best ethnic food sellers operate without a license and therefore only make appearances at random.

One of the most common offerings when it comes to Los Angeles street food is Mexican food, but if you find the right vendor at the right time, you can get tamales and bacon wrapped hot dogs that are absolutely out of this world.  Head on over to Duarte, a Los Angeles suburb, and you can find the town’s best Indonesian food, especially on Saturdays.  From Durian shakes to Nasi Bungkus, there are plenty of tasty offerings.

In Koreatown, there are also some ethnic foods vendors, where you can find everything from Korean cuisine to pancakes, desserts and drinks.  Los Angeles has no shortage of ethnic street food if you know where to look.

Of course, you can also find some pretty good American street food, ranging from hot dogs to burgers and fries.  If you want a real Los Angeles travel experience, however, you have to sample some of the ethnic street foods made by the people whose cultures invented them.

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