The Worst Electronic Products on the Market Today
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With so many electronic products on the market today, consumers need to be aware of bad products before making the wrong purchase.

As one of the worst products in the field of servers, the Aspire EasyStore H340 NAS Server is bad for multiple reasons. Its faulty software makes it very high on the list of bad electronic products, and, coupled with user difficulty, is a product that shows up on many “don’t buy” lists. 

When it comes to phones, the LG Chocolate VX8550 Smartphone is not a crowd pleaser. As one of the worst electronic products as far as phones go, its keypad has many problems, and it’s considered to be a clumsy looking alternative to the iPhone. The Garmin Nuviphone G60 is another Smartphone to avoid. The touchscreen is nice, but the phone simply doesn’t have the functionality of competitors, making it one of the worst electronic products.

Polaroid’s PoGo Instant Digital Camera was one of the electronic products that tried to bring back their instant camera phenomenon of the past with very poor results. Its poor resolution and picture quality leave it firmly on the list of the worst electronic products out there. Krave’s Electronic Cigarette products are also on the list of the worst products.

The “As Seen on TV Hat,” which lets users watch their Smartphone or iPod hands-free, is also a disappointment when it comes to electronic products. While we’re on the subject, Technocel’s Ear Vibe Headphones and iType QWERTY keyboard round out the top worst electronic products on the market.

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