Things That Will Not Save Money if You Rent Them

We are all looking for ways to save money without giving up the things that are important to us.  One choice many people make is renting household items.  Here are five things that you should never rent.

Furniture is certainly on the do not rent list.  A vast majority of rent to own places end up charging more than twice the cost for people to rent furniture, and that is at twice their already marked up prices.  If you can’t afford great furniture, consider saving or buying used through sites like Craigslist.

Computers are also poor rental choices.  Again, rent to own centers charge more than twice the price, and in this case it is almost always for outdated technology.

Electronics such as televisions are also commonly rented items.  While it may be great to have a new flat screen in your living room, paying more than three times what it would cost in the store is never a wise decision.

While souping up your car might seem like a fun option, avoid places that offer to let you rent sweet rims for your ride.  Not only will you end up paying more than double what they are worth, they are functionless and a waste of your hard earned money.

Last, don’t rent out your paycheck.  That is exactly what a payday loan really is.  You get a cash advance, and in return you end up paying hundreds of percent in interest. 

When you want the best, learn to save or even buy used.  Renting certain products can cost you more than they will ever be worth and you need to know that there are better options.

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