Thoughtful, Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the People You Love

Giving gifts is an excellent way to celebrate the holidays or just tell someone in your life how much they mean to you.  Today, we will take a look at gift ideas for the people you love that are not expensive, but incredibly thoughtful.


One of the best gift ideas for someone special is to create a scrapbook.  Perhaps you have a friend who has been in your life for years, or perhaps you just took a vacation with your parents.  Why not turn the photos you have collected into a memory book?  This is a very thoughtful gift idea that is also quite inexpensive.


Another of the best gift ideas is to simply spend an entire day doing what the special person in your life loves most.  Whether it is golf, shopping, or just spending the evening laughing over a bottle of wine while you watch movies at their place, offer your friend a full day of your undivided attention with no work, no cell phones, and no distractions.


An IOU can be another uncommon but incredibly thoughtful present.  IOUs make great gift ideas for friends with kids or with busy lives.  Offer to babysit for a night or to take over house cleaning duties for one full weekend so that your loved one can spend time with their spouse or even alone.  In today’s busy world, this is among the best gift ideas for busy people.


Finding the perfect inexpensive gift for a loved one doesn’t have to be difficult, and these gift ideas may just be perfect for someone you know.

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