Top 5 Men’s Hiking Shoes

Travelling makes for one of the most beautiful memories. More so, adventure trips are amazing and bring along their own set of thrills; however, it does involve a lot of footwork. Before you begin planning your trip, it is important to pay heed to what to pack for comfort. The right pair of shoes is an essential element and contributes to making the travel extremely easy. From being comfortable for city walking to easing a rugged mountain hike, the apt pair of shoes will help you walk for miles. The growth in the significance and demand for adventure shoes has led to the proliferation of shoe companies that specialize in designing tough travel footwear, and
KEEN shoes
is one such reputed brand on the market.

Established in 2003, KEEN shoes immediately rose to becoming a staple in the closet of individuals with an active lifestyle. It packs high-quality and extremely well-thought designs through its shoes and this has successfully turned many first-time buyers into fans. This brand is well known for designing the best light-weight pairs that do not feel bulky. Moreover, they offer great underfoot comfort and are waterproof, which is an essential factor you would look for in a comfortable pair of travel shoes. So, if you are planning on bringing home a new pair of men’s hiking shoes, KEEN shoes may be your best bet. Here are the top 5 pair of shoes that you can choose from.


Source: Keen Footwear

The MEN’S TARGHEE II WATERPROOF MID WIDE is a top-rated award-winning pair of hiking boots from KEEN shoes and is offered at price of around $135. The boots are built to deliver immense foot support while offering comfort that will keep you going through the entire day. It also comes with a contoured heel lock and is built on a wide last. As the name suggests, they come in a wider fit; this keeps the feet moisture-free while letting them breathe. It employs the KEEN.DRY technology—this is a waterproof and breathable membrane that lets in the vapor without letting water seep in. Adding to the comfort, the METATOMICAL FOOTBED DESIGN further enhances the internal mechanism to better cradle the foot.


Source: Keen Footwear

The MEN’S TARGHEE II WATERPROOF MID is an absolute favorite among the hiking community. Priced at an affordable cost of $135, this pair of boots combine sound trail performance with comfort. Designed to have an extremely light-weight built, it features a mid-cut for effective ankle support. The big toe cap and solid sole help in traversing every kind of terrain and surface type. It also features the KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane that allows the feet to breathe even when worn for long hours.


Source: Keen Footwear

Are you looking for a low-profile pair of boots? Then the MEN’S VOYAGEUR may be your best bet. This pair of shoes has been lauded for the immense comfort that they provide even post several hours of wearing them. It eliminates the need for breaking in and offers commendable heel support. The VOYAGEUR is designed with mesh insets that ensure the continual flow of air to make it breathable. For tough terrains, it comes with a higher-traction outsole that can keep you going confidently while the METATOMICAL FOOTBED DESIGN delivers the best foot support. The MEN’S VOYAGEUR retails at around $115.


Source: Keen Footwear

The MEN’S TARGHEE EXP WATERPROOF MID WIDE boots are one of the bestselling pairs from KEEN shoes. With a wider fit, these shoes also employ the patent KEEN.DRY technology that lets the vapor in while keeping the moisture out. Thus, no matter which terrain or steep-ground you step on wearing this pair, you will enjoy superb wearability. It also comes with an upper-performance mesh to provide a quick-dry feel. All in all, the MEN’S TARGHEE EXP WATERPROOF MID WIDE boots are great looking, feel extremely comfortable, and a priced at a great price of around $140.


Source: Keen Footwear

The MEN’S TARGHEE EXP WATERPROOF MID is built to have an extremely bold design that has earned itself a loyal following. This pair has an updated aesthetic and is extremely light-weight. They feature a special lacing system that works well by keeping the heel immobile. As with all KEEN designs, this one too comes with the signature waterproofing designing that keeps away water from seeping in when walking through damp lands or puddles of water. The sole is sturdy and delivers a good fit that keeps you at ease even during the most epic hikes. The MEN’S TARGHEE EXP WATERPROOF MID is available at a cost of $140.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and splurge on your next best travel shoes from KEEN shoes and enjoy the best value over the years to come.

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