Top 8 Most Reliable Cell Phones on the Market Today

With so many cell phones to choose from, it’s hard to find the most reliable ones out there. Here are a few to consider…


Apple’s iPhone continues to impress with its newest edition. The iPhone 4 is keeping Apple at the top of the smartphone game as one of the best cell phones available on the market. With many extra features (above and beyond what the Apple iPhone 3G offers), it’s also a reliable phone that’s great for anyone.


The Samsung Epic 4G is another outstanding phone. As far as cell phones go, this one offers many enticing features other cell phones simply can’t. The ultra-fast HTC EVO 4G is a powerful multimedia phone with many extras, with 4G connectivity it’s a phone you can really count on.


The Motorola Droid X is a multimedia phone that sits at the top of the list of reliable cell phones. The HTC Droid Incredible is another Android phone that offers a gorgeous display and a fast processor, making it one of the top cell phones on the market.


Google Nexus One is also a popular phone with fast performance and reliability, keeping it at the top of our list of best cell phones out there right now.


Samsung has two outstanding cell phones that are impressing consumers and experts alike. The Fascinate is a user-friendly phone with perhaps the best display available. The Vibrant is a magnificent multimedia phone that offers some of the best features of any of the cell phones on the market today.


Finding the right phone for you might take some time, but there are certainly plenty of choices! 

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